Unfortunately Many Will Quit Speaking Or Even Apply For A Minimum Wage Job Which Would Make Them More Money Than Being A Speaker!

“You’re Invited To ‘Look Over Our Shoulders and Walk Along Side Us’ And See Exactly How We Run Our Speaker Business”
Rick Barnes & Evie Brooks

Do you have a valuable personal or business message to share? Is it your passion to be an in-demand professional speaker?
Naysayers will tell you there’s no money in public speaking. Your friends and colleagues will discourage your new venture, but if your message is genuine, you can succeed. With vision, passion and purpose, there is always a way!

Feel public speaking is for you – seriously! then take this opportunity to learn more about working the podium, as we walk you through each crucial step — from your head shots to booking clients.

Are you a new or successful speaker? Author? Trainer or coach? Consultant or expert?  How about an Entrepreneur? If you have a message that others need to hear, then the High Performance Speaker program is for you!

We Are Rick Barnes & Evie Brooks

Rick Barnes

For the past fifteen years Rick has been speaking and consulting – primarily on the college circuit. That’s right! Fifteen years ago I pursued my dream and went full-time into speaking… on college campuses!

I’ve built a great business – offering a number of topics and other services – to an exciting market. Working with the leaders of tomorrow – working with a very upbeat, positive, energetic audience – offering educational programs that make a difference!

For the past twenty three years Evie has been speaking and consulting – primarily to Entrepreneurs and Corporate America. So for all but four years out of college Evie has been a full time trainer, mentor, speaker, coach teaching others how to be a speaker and entrepreneur.

Together Evie and Rick bring you 38 years worth of knowledge and experience! Avoid the same pitfalls we experienced and cut years off your road to success. Get started on the right foot.

“I have the greatest job in the world! I have the opportunity to travel the country, working with the brightest out there. Speaking to tomorrow’s leaders…. I’m ready to teach you how to do the same.”
Rick Barnes

Evie Brooks

EvieAfter spending 23 years speaking and consulting for entrepreneurs, and domestic and international corporations and having spoken to, mentored and trained thousands,  Evie Brooks is sharing her vast knowledge with you. Since graduating North Georgia State University, Evie’s been a full-time entrepreneur, trainer, mentor, public speaker and coach, teaching others how to do the same.

Author and speaker, Evie currently speaks at Greek associations,  colleges nationwide and corporations in addition to representing Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” education program.

With a breadth of knowledge and experience under her belt, Evie can teach you the ins and outs of public speaking.

“I really do believe that if you have a burning desire and a message that needs to be heard, that you can achieve whatever your heart desires…”
Evie Brooks

The Team

Evie Brooks & Rick Barnes Keynoters at SEIFC 2013

Combined, Evie and Rick bring 38 years of knowledge and experience to one program! Learn from their experiences and mistakes, and cut years off your road to success. Let them help you start your career as a professional public speaker off on the right foot!

Regardless of your level – aspiring, beginner, experienced, their 38 years of knowledge can help you!

The Comprehensive Program Guarantee

The High Performance Speaker program provides a six-month, hands on educational experience. You’ll receive the necessary training and mentorship through our comprehensive program to get you where you need to be to succeed in this business. In bite-size, workable steps, the team will guide you through the world of high performance public speaking.

There are no hidden gimmicks or false promises with our program. We do not aim to waste your time and money, but to teach you the tools to succeed.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

What makes the High Performance Speaker program different? It is totally Comprehensive! We are still active on the public speaking circuit. We practice these principles every day, with incredible success!  Let us now help you and your career!

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A real opportunity exists for economic growth and social change as speaker on the college circuit, non-profit and corporate gigs, or speaking at associations. That means potential cash flow and a way to leave a positive stamp on society. You can create change and work with future leaders, successful corporation leadership and entrepreneurs and be paid for your time!

Regardless of your background, your message is sure to fill a niche market that will reach a specific clientele. Parents, businesses, politicians – someone, somewhere needs and wants to hear what you have to share. You can fill that need while working for yourself. Who said you couldn’t live the American Dream?

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Future?

Do you want to book dates?
Do you want to make a living speaking?
We make six figures and it can be done!
Do you want to make an impact on society? Change a life?

You can fulfill your personal mission of speaking, making a positive difference in the lives of thousands, and make a great living!

The High Performance Speaker

The High Performance Speaker program is a comprehensive training, coaching, mentoring, platform building and business creation apprenticeship.

The program involves:

  • A monthly Webinar on a progressive topic preparing you to launch your speaking business
  • Each monthly session includes a group phone session and a personal, one-on-one personalized coaching call focusing on your success
  • Unlimited email access
  • Two LIVE events, the first aboard a 80’ Houseboat on scenic Lake Lanier (Limited to 30 students)



Session 1 – August 1-4, 2013

Live at Lake Lanier! – “Which Market Should I Target, What is My Topic, Do I Need to Author a Book”

Due to space – Limited to 30 students.

Session Highlights:

  • Who are your buyers (audience) and what are they looking for?
  • Do I need an agent?
  • Can I really make a living?
  • Why corporate speakers pursue the college market, and college speakers cross into corporate territory.
  • Begin Creation of YOUR PERSONAL website
  • Head Shots and Website Video will be created at this event

Session 2 – Webinar –  September 4, 2013

“From Idea to Speaker Ready, We Begin Building Your Platform!”

Session HighligRick.Outdoor.Headshothts:

  •  What you need to know about building your website…
  • Professional media presence…
  • Creating and designing your book cover….
  • Logos, One Pagers and marketing materials
  • Go from idea conception to product!
  • We’ll discuss research similar topics in your marketing – what’s hot and what’s not!
  • Learn the difference between program material and keynote material
  • How much should you charge? We’ll talk about that too!

Session 3 – Webinar – October 2, 2013

“The Niche Within the Niche”

Session Highlights:

  • Explore the numerous niches within your unique niche?
  • Is there a market within your niche?
  • Do I have to be a member to speak to Greek organizations, or a licensed health worker to speak to doctors? Etc…
  • How do I market to these different groups?

Session 4 – Live Webinar –  November 6, 2013

FL, Austin 18, SnowBasin 2013, AEMM 433“Marketing, Marketing, Marketing”

Session Highlights:

  • Getting your message to the masses
  • Introducing yourself – and your message – to your audience
  • Giveaways lead to sales
  • Print versus electronic
  • Utilizing social media
  • Going solo vs. an Agency – Which is for you?
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing

Session 5 –   2 Live Webinars – December 4 & December 18, 2013

“Webinar #1 – Working With Bureaus, Corporate Event Planners, College Buyers, pro-bono events, etc.

Webinar #2 – Creating your power point and formatting your book.”

Session Highlights:

  • Learn how your audience thinks
  • Learn how to approach your audience
  • Which professional associations should I join and why?
  • What’s the difference between marketing directly to the students versus the faculty or staff?
  • How do I know when to work with each?

131_0530-Boat  lake-lanier

Session 6 – LIVE 2 DAY Workshop – Date & Location TBD in January 2014

“Taking Care of the Business Side of Your Speaking Business, Video Your Live Presentation in Front of an Audience, Providing Video Testimonials for Your Website”

Additional Session Highlights:

  • Changing your mindset – take your speaking from a hobby into a business.
  • Learn Robert Kiyosaki’s “Cash Flow Quadrant” — become an entrepreneur and  move from the left side of the quadrant to the right side!
  • Starting A Small Business 101- Setting Up An Entity
  • Growing your business from the garage to the corner office.
  • Marketing, advertising, and the difference.
  • Establishing the “Four-M’s” of your business.
  • Much more, too much to list!

What Is A Career Worth to You?

Register now for ONLY $1165/month for six months ($6,990)!



Receive a $500 discount by paying 1/2 in full with three monthly payments of $1,082.


10% OFF any of these options if booked prior to May 15th, 2013.

What are you waiting for? It doesn’t get much better than this! If you would rather register by phone, or have additional questions, contact us at: 770-781-0000 or info@highperformancespeaker.com.

Isn’t it time you fulfill your dream of speaking?

  • Step 1:  Register Today Before This Program Sells Out! Seating is VERY LIMITED – ONLY 30 Apprenticeships Available MAX — (The program’s offered on scenic Lake Lanier, on a beautiful house boat with sunset cruises and margaritas after a hard day’s work!)
  • Step 2:  Book Your Travel to Beautiful Atlanta, GA where you will journey to Lake Lanier and spend a glorious three days learning on a 80” Houseboat with Rick Barnes & Evie Brooks.  FUN INCLUDED!
  • Step 3:  Begin Laying Out Your Goals and Aspirations! Determine your why and what you are willing to commit to make this a reality. With your burning desire and mentoring from Rick and Evie your future looks very bright.
Pay in full and receive $1000 discount! Only $5,990.

$500 discount by paying 1/2 in full with 3 monthly payments of $1,082.

Only $1165 per month for six months ($6,990)!

Still Not Sure?

Call Rick or Evie and let us discuss your concerns.  817-788-5019 – Rick or 678-524-1454 – Evie.